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Huge Walmart Study Proves that Most Spinal Surgeries are Unnecessary

Surgery in progressWalmart’s huge study just confirmed what we have said for years… TRY CHIROPRACTIC BEFORE SPINAL SURGERY!! You may be able to avoid surgery, save money, and avoid a lifetime of pain.

“The experience taught Walmart that in some cases, patients were being referred for unnecessary treatment. According to the retail giant, more than half of the Walmart employees (or their relatives) who traveled to one of the Centers of Excellence for spine surgery at the recommendation of their local physician discovered that they did not need the procedure. Meanwhile, 20 percent of the patients sent for joint-related issues also didn’t need the procedure.”


Read the Article on Yahoo Finance

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  1. Jeff says
    Oct 28, 2019 at 12:46 AM

    I appreciate you adding this blog post. I had been considering surgery but now looking at other options.

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