Back Pain Tips from a Ringgold Chiropractor

Back Pain Tips from a Ringgold Chiropractor

Back Pain Tips from a Ringgold Chiropractor

We’ve all been there – for some it’s been worse than others,  but we’ve all been there. That dull ache in the lower back. That shooting pain in the shoulders.

Here are 6 tips from your Ringgold chiropractor to avoid back pain:

Exercise regularly and with care

Regular exercise is one of the easiest preventative measures to help you maintain optimum wellness and a healthy, strong core and heart. Aim for exercise that raises your heart rate for 20-30 minutes a day. You can also add a couple of calisthenic type exercises with cardio.

Lift carefully with knees bent

When lifting anything, never…ever… bend your back. Always keep your back straight and bend at the knees to pick anything up. Make your legs to do the work and never twist when picking up a heavy (or moderately heavy) object. Even 10lbs in weight can do a lot of damage if improperly handled. Take your time.

Don't sit for too long

Your body is designed to move, stretch and bend. If you have a job where you spend the majority of your day sitting down, ensure that you get up from time to time. Walk around and stretch every half an hour. Your muscles with thank you.

Get a good mattress and pillow

A good mattress does not have to be as hard as stone. Try as many as possible before you buy and choose one that supports your hips and shoulders. Orthopedic pillows can work wonders for some. Orthopedic pillows can keep your neck straight if you lie on your side and they keep your curve intact if you lie on your back.

Don’t sleep on your front

Sleeping on your front can twist your spine and may exert undue pressure on your neck muscles. Sleeping on your front flattens out the natural curvature of your spine. Try lying on your side or your back – it may be tricky at first, but your spine will be healthier and happier for it.

Set your desk up ergonomically

Does your work chair support you properly? Is it adjustable? Does the base tilt and slide? A good rule of thumb when seated is to have your thighs almost parallel to the floor with your knees ever so slightly lower than your hips. Ideally you’ll have your arms flat on your desk without raising or lowering your shoulders.

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