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Traveling Doesn't Have to Be a Pain

Flying these days can feel like you’re trapped in a sardine can. It can be hard on the body. Similarly, logging loads of miles without frequent stops can cause back and leg pain. The American Chiropractic Association has some great tips to prevent travel-related aches and strains.

Air Travel

Keep the blood flowing. Sitting for hours on a plan without moving can be dangerous. Doing so could lead to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which occurs when a blood clot forms. Plan to get up frequently, such as every two hours if on a long flight. When seated, you can move your legs up and down to promote circulation.

Avoid the draft. If possible, don’t sit directly under the air controls as the draft can cause neck and shoulder muscle tension.

Check those heavy bags. If you have luggage that’s heavier than 5 to 10 percent of your body weight, check it. It’s also essential to avoid the overhead lifting of any significant amount of weight. That’s because heavy lifting can cause lower back or neck pain. When stashing your carry-on in the overhead compartment, stand directly in front of the compartment to avoid rotating your spine. Also, avoid lifting your bags over your head.

Car Travel

family in car luaghingExercise your legs. Keeping your legs moving while driving can reduce swelling, fatigue or pain. Count to five while you tighten your calf muscles, then do the same for your thigh and glute muscles.

Adjust your seat. You should be as close to the steering wheel as is comfortably possible. Your knees should be a bit higher than your hips.

Support your back. Driving for extended periods can cause back strain, so consider using a back support to reduce the incidence of low back tension and pain. The broadest part of the support should be between the bottom of your rib cage and your waistline.

Get Adjusted Before You Go

Put getting an adjustment on your pre-vacation to-do list. Why? Chiropractic can help to prevent musculoskeletal pain from long car or airplane rides. It also can boost your immune system so you can stay healthy while you’re on vacation.

For more tips or to book an appointment, contact Pray Chiropractic today!

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