Ultrasound Therapy

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One of the best options to reduce acute pain is with healing, therapeutic ultrasound, offered by our Dalton and Ringgold chiropractors. The Pray Chiropractic staff is well-trained in applying ultrasound, which can give you significant relief after a single session, particularly when done after a chiropractic adjustment.

A Therapy for Acute and Chronic Pain

Ultrasound penetrates deeply to soothe pain, inflammation and spasm. It’s our most popular therapy to help those who are in extreme discomfort. Even people who are in too much pain to receive other therapies such as traction may be ideal candidates for an ultrasound therapy.

It takes just about eight minutes in total for a Ringgold and Dalton ultrasound session.

If you’d like to find out more about natural healing, contact our team today! We offer free pain evaluations including a consultation and examination.