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Veterans in our area may qualify for VA-paid chiropractic services using the VA’s Community Care Network (CCN). CCN allows veterans to receive care from community providers, paid for by the VA. For example, if a veteran needs an appointment for care, and the VA can not provide the care in a timely manner, or the nearest VA medical facility is too far away or too difficult to get to, then a veteran may be eligible for care through the Community Care Network. Both of Pray Chiropractic’s locations are participating providers giving veterans local access to chiropractic services.

Veterans must receive prior authorization from VA to receive care from any of the providers that are a part of VA’s VCP network. The authorization is based on specific eligibility requirements and discussions with the Veteran’s VA provider.

HOW DO I GET THE REFERRAL? You will need to contact your VA provider for a referral to see a VCP Network chiropractor.

HOW MANY VISITS WILL THE VA APPROVE? VA will do an evaluation and refer you to the chiropractic office. That evaluation will also determine how many visits your initial authorization will cover.

WILL THE VA APPROVE MORE VISITS IF NEEDED? After we do our evaluation, we send your medical records to the VA and let them know how many more visits we are recommending.

WILL THE VA PAY FOR ALL SERVICES? The VA normally pays for Chiropractic services such as Manipulation and Chiropractic therapy.